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Ready to get your financial hiccups out of the way?

Managing your personal taxes can be a herculean task. But does it have to be so!

Do you need to file a tax return? What is the company’s capital gain tax? What is the taxable income? How can income tax service providers help? Are you stuck with the compliance aspect of your personal taxes or finding the whole obligation part of it frustrating? All such tax related queries must be on your mind as a business owner, right? Especially when you don’t have enough information about the financial world. But wait! You don’t need to stress anymore about it. At FinBridge, we not just help you navigate this complex process but also enjoy greater savings through expert tax planning.

self employed hairdresser bookkeeping services
self employed hairdresser bookkeeping

As a business owner, you don many hats, but somehow, the thought of ensuring all the aspects of personal tax leaves you feeling perplexed and exhausted. Missing the deadline for the payment of personal taxes is what every business owner dreads, especially when there is already so much occupying their energy. We help you avoid that with our expert team along with other benefits!

Which task can be more daunting than self-assessment tax return? But, the truth is a little different. It can be absolutely simple if you understand, organise and prepare for all that is required.

Your convenience is what we aim to deliver wherein managing your self-assessment tax returns becomes easier, accurate & hassle-free, and you can:

  •   Let go of your worries of paying hefty fines on missing the deadline.
  •   Enjoy expert support for your tax return preparation as well as filing it to HMRC.
  •   Have your liabilities calculated by our professionals.
  •   Navigate the confusion of 'what to do' & 'how to do' in this complex process.

If you don't like the recurring headache of managing your personal taxes, our services might be the perfect solution for you to save yourself from the stress of doing it all by yourself.

There are many aspects of a business environment. From looking at the proper functioning of core activities to ensuring smooth execution of all peripheral areas of work, it comes as a dynamic responsibility.

Taxation is a dominating part of the business environment. Under no means, the provision and compliance of tax rules can be avoided. All business owners need to meet the policies on time with accuracy, or else it leads to consequences. Paying self-assessment can get tough but not when you have professionals to help you out with the compliance policies.

FinBridge brings you experts who help you out with all self assessment taxation, timely filing of returns, tax compliance and all such tax related services. At FinBridge, we not just help you navigate this complex process but also enjoy greater savings through expert tax planning.


The deadline for filing self assessment tax returns is usually 31st January, but it keeps fluctuating every year, and a new deadline pops up looking at the scenario. One can register for self assessment on 5th October, and file a paper tax return on 31st October. Till 30th December, the HMRC will learn and collect payments through PAYE. By 31st January you can file your return online, pay your bill, make the first payment on account, and then finally make the second payment by 31st July.

For correct self-assessment of tax, all the available tax credits like TDS, MAT/AMT, TCS, credit, and relief existing under section 87A/90/90A/91 should be subtracted. If there is any interest payment due which hasn’t been levied; it would go along with the self-assessment.