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Ready to get your financial hiccups out of the way?

Dwell on your business's growth & not in the anxiety of managing your VAT returns

Managing your VAT return while running a full-fledged business can become a nightmare for any business owner as you have your hard-earned money at stake. Keeping up with the various aspects of it can be another headache, especially when every step is accompanied by the fear of whether you are doing it right.


Do you also find yourself stressing about VAT well in advance? Does VAT remain that unsolvable puzzle in your business that keeps hitting your business monetarily? Do you also wish to have your VAT returns done and dusted each time by themselves magically? Then, our VAT services might be the solution that you need.

Our team of professionals can help you save your in-house resources while also ensuring that you:

  •   Don't overpay or underpay VAT unknowingly.
  •   Enjoy a cost-efficient and reliable solution to this predicament of yours.
  •   Remain compliant with VAT regulations and only pay the amount you legally owe.
  •   Have expert support for VAT registration, preparation and reconciliation.
  •    Remain assured with a knowledgeable person completing your VAT return & submitting it quarterly/monthly to HMRC.
  •   Benefit from discounts & rules that you might not know about.
  •   Better understand your VAT return from it being made simple by our jargon-free guidance.

Whether you have registered for VAT for some time or are planning to do so, our VAT services are here to make things more convenient for you by helping you manage everything related to VAT.

VAT services we offer
  • Standard Accounting
  • Annual accounting
  • Cash accounting
  • VAT registration
  • VAT retail scheme
  • Flat Rate Schemes
  • VAT moss Scheme

Company Incorporation

Leave the task of incorporating your company to u3!

We know that starting out your business means a lot to you! We also understand that all the excitement can quickly turn into anxiety with no support or expert guidance! Especially when you feel stuck with all the financial management and company registration tasks that come as a byproduct of establishing and running a business.


With all that needs to be managed and done within your business, company registration might fall down at the bottom of your priority list. So, we not only handle the entire process for you but also help you identify what company structure will work the best for you. Be foolproof in your choices between UK Limited Company, Limited Liability Partnership and Public Limited Company with the guidance of our experienced team.

We make the corporation process easier for you by:

  •   Giving you practical advice & assisting with the filing process.
  •   Helping you with VAT registration & PAYE registration.
  •   Assisting you with all the legal requirements that the company incorporation process entails.